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5 Ways to Wellbeing


In 2008, an organisation called the New Economics Foundation developed a set of five evidence-based actions for a New Zealand government report on wellbeing. They called these actions the Five Ways to Wellbeing. After extensive research, they came to the conclusion that wellbeing does not depend on spending money or consuming more.

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How to deal with stressful situations

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A little bit of stress can be healthy, but too much stress is dangerous. I’ve already explained what happens to your body when you’re stressed. Now I’d like to explain how to deal with too much stress. There are three important steps to getting your nervous systems back in balance: recognise how much stress is too much stress, walk away from stress and calm down.

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What happens to your body when you’re stressed?


Stress is often seen as something negative nowadays, but it’s actually a very smart and useful system. Our body is perfectly built to deal with stressful (dangerous) situations. When we get into a stressful situation, we automatically select one of the following reactions: flight, fight or freeze.

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In defense of tears


I hate crying (must not show weakness!) but occasionally I do break down and cry. I cry when I’m sad, when I’m angry, when I’m frustrated and even sometimes when I’m happy. I always feel better, often relieved, after crying but also slightly ashamed. Crying makes me feel weak. There’s such a stigma around crying. It’s seen as something that should be avoided. But since taking Anatomy classes I realised that everything in our body has a function, so tears must too. And it can’t be only to clean our eyes. Because then why would we cry over emotions?

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