Eat your way to a healthy brain


Have you ever thought about how you’re feeding your brain? Probably not. It’s not something most people consider when thinking of their diet. However, it should be. Your brain is your engine. It’s always running and everything you do depends on how well it works.

So, what does your brain need to run smoothly? Just like a car’s engine, it needs good fuel. The better fuel you feed your brain, the better it will function. And also, just like a car’s engine, if you feed it the wrong fuel, it will go haywire.

Here are some of the best and worst foods for your brain.

Best foods for your brain

  • Blueberries: very high in antioxidants so they protect the brain from daily wear and tear
  • Wild salmon: has a lot of omega 3 fatty acids, aka good fats, your brain needs fat to function, you can think of it as the grease that keeps the wheels turning
  • Avocados: full of good monounsaturated fats, see above
  • Nuts and seeds: contain vitamin E which protects your brain from damage from aging
  • Beans: they stabilise glucose levels, the brain depends on glucose for fuel and constantly needs a steady supply
  • Whole grains: they also provide a steady supply of glucose and are essential for keeping your brain running at full speed (refined grains cause a high glucose spike, followed by a low)
  • Tea: has some caffeine (less than coffee), a bit of caffeine improves memory and focus, tea also has the added benefit of antioxidants
  • Dark chocolate: combines antioxidants with endorphins (the happy hormone) and a bit of caffeine
  • Broccoli: has a lot of vitamin K which improves how your brain processes information and gives you more brain power

Worst foods for your brain

  • Sugar: avoid refined sugar, it pretty much poisons your brain
  • Fried foods, ready-made cakes and cookies, and processed foods: high in trans fats which can cause Alzheimer, damage your brain skills and shrink your brain

So eat smart to stay smart! Next time you’re eating, think about if you’re helping your brain or damaging it.


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