Moderately healthy booze choices


I think pretty much everyone knows that alcohol isn’t very healthy. But it’s also just so darn delicious. So what’s a healthy girl to do when she feels like a drink or two? Drink smart! Pick the least harmful poison and enjoy in moderation. I do love my booze but I try to be moderately healthy with my booze choices. Here’s a list of the drinks I try to avoid and others I excessively enjoy “in moderation”.

Booze I avoid – just not worth the calories

  • Beer: has so many calories, and makes me terribly bloated, I also don’t like the taste of most beers
  • Cheap cocktails: crappy alcohol and grenadine, no thanks! I’m sweet enough without all that sugar
  • Spirits with cola, bottled juices or energy drinks: loaded with calories and chemicals

Booze I drink from time to time – a nice treat

  • White / rosé wine: they have fewer calories than red wine but don’t come with the health benefits
  • Quality cocktails: mojitos, margaritas, strawberry caipirinhas … made with minimal, high quality/fresh mixers
  • Liqueurs: mainly digestifs (limoncello, Cointreau, hierbas, …): lots of sugar so lots of calories

Booze I excessively enjoy “in moderation” – so, so worth the calories

  • Red wine: delicious and cosy, has antioxidants and is good for heart health, may even prevent cancer cell growth
  • Cava: has fewer calories than red wine, but also doesn’t have any health benefits
  • Gin & Tonic: fresh, low calorie and festive
  • Gin, (sparkling) water & frozen fruit: low calorie, fruity, freshness

As a general rule when it comes to spirits, the lighter the colour the fewer the calories. Dark spirits are also more likely to give you a hangover. So there’s another reason to stick to gin, vodka and tequila and avoid whiskey and dark rum. Good mixers are tonic, water (with lemon/lime) and fresh fruit juice (with pulp if possible).

When it comes to choosing “healthy” wine, dry wines are better than sweet wines. Dry white wines have generally fewer calories than red wines, but don’t have any added health benefits. Cava is also relatively low in calories.

All this writing about booze has made me thirsty. Is it Gin ‘O Clock yet? 🙂

Do you consider calories and sugar when drinking? Or are you just too busy enjoying the booze?


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