So what can I eat?

The one question I always get when I tell people about my food intolerances is “So what CAN you eat?”. It’s a very understandable reaction 🙂 But while there are many things I cannot eat and drink (alcohol, coffee, wheat, cow’s milk and all its derivatives, citrus, soy and pork), there are also plenty of things I still can eat.

I can eat salads in all shapes and sizes.

salads Collage

My go-to ingredients are leafy greens, cucumbers, tomatoes, carrots, capers, mixed seeds and quinoa. If I want to add extra protein I’ll add smoked salmon, goats cheese or chicken.

I can eat salmon covered in coriander 🙂


So good! And pretty! I like to pair fried fish with zucchini noodles for a light but filling meal.

I can eat all kinds of soups.


Like this pretty beat soup which tastes good either hot or cold, so it makes a great summer soup. You never know what a Belgian “summer” day will be like.

If I feel like getting crafty with my food I can make spring rolls.


A top tip I found on Pinterest (where else?): use two sheets of rice paper to stop the roll from tearing. Works like a charm. These are made with carrot, avocado, shrimp and basil.

I can also have risotto. It’s not as good as a plate of pasta, but it comes pretty close.


I used a semi-hard mild goat’s cheese instead of Parmesan in this one, but I’ve also used Pecorino Romano (sheep’s cheese).

Other lovely things I can eat: fruit, raisins, nuts, some dark chocolates (you’d be surprised how many chocolate bars have soy in them), rice noodles, rye bread, sushi (just no soy sauce)  and many others. So yes, while there are a lot of good things I cannot have (or soon can only have in moderation), there are plenty of good foods I can still enjoy to my heart’s content.

Bring on the yums!


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