How am I doing? I don’t really know.

I  don’t get my body. Some days I feel good; others not so much. On Monday I had headaches all day and had to take a three hour nap. On Tuesday I again felt quite tired, but still managed to do an hour on the elliptical machine in the evening. Wednesday I felt fine, but then couldn’t sleep at night. Today I couldn’t get out of bed but felt better after yoga. I planned on going to the gym and running some errands. Now I’m struggling to keep my eyes open.

One big step forward is that my sinuses seem to have cleared up. I had a blocked nose for about a year, since a few days I’ve noticed that it seems to be clearing up. I still have some swollen glands, but they seem to be getting better as well.

The tiredness could be from the extra work my body is putting in to detoxing. I have about another week of the homeopathic medicine and I’m hoping I’ll feel more energised when that’s done.


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