Homeopathic medicine

Homeopathic medicine is quite controversial. According to some people it has no scientifically proven benefits other than a placebo effect, others swear by it. I’m curious enough to give it a try.

Here’s what my doctor prescribed:


  • Gelée Royale (vial)
  • CurcuDyn (pill)
  • Bupleurum complex (2 tbps)
  • Ribes Nigrum (20 drops)
  • Prosymbioflor (30 drops)
  • Trias C (3 bottles, 20 drops of each)
  • Ovarium compositum (20 drops)

I start off with a vial of Gelée Royale in warm water and a CurcuDyn pill. The Gelée Royale tastes like a sweet, mild tea. Then I mix all the others in a large bottle of water which I have to drink throughout the day. The water also tastes slightly sweet, but not bad, definitely drinkable.

So what exactly am I taking?

(Some of them also have other supposed benefits than the ones I mention, but I only noted what applies to me.)

  • Gelée Royale (royal jelly)
    It’s made by bees to develop and nurture their queen bees. It’s supposed to regulate my immune system and give me extra energy. This kind of makes me feel royal, like Cleopatra bathing in donkey milk.
  • CurcuDyn
    It has vitamin C, vitamin D and turmeric and ginger extracts. It’s supposed to help my joints, muscles, digestion and liver. I recently made a stir-fry with turmeric and ginger. I was healing my body without even knowing it. Go me!
  • Bupleurum Complex
    It contains a bunch of stuff (Hawthorn Berries, Bupleurum Root, Artichoke, Milk Thistle, Dandelion, Black Radish, Peppermint, Club Moss, Cape Aloe, Knotgrass, Poppy, Boldo, Royal Jelly and Apricot). It’s supposed to support internal cleansing. Sounds fun. Some side effects: increased appetite (nooo), better sleep (yeay) and emotional balance (always good).
  • Ribes Nigrum Gemmae
    Ribes Nigrum is the Latin word for blackcurrant and it’s made of the buds of blackcurrants. This one is supposed to pack a punch and aid my joints, respiratory tract, adrenal glands, mucous glands, digestion system and liver.
  • Prosymbioflor
    This contains two “interesting” sounding ingredients: Escherichia coli and Enterococcus faecalis. Brings to mind E Coli and faeces, neither sound very enticing. It’s supposed to improve my intestinal bacteria and immune system.
  • Trias C
    It’s actually three bottles (Hepeel H, Reneel H en Lymphomyosot H). They are supposed to help drain waste and toxins. And supposedly promote drainage through the kidneys and lymphatic system, while helping the liver, kidneys and lymphatic system.
  • Ovarium compositum
    The ingredient list is seriously long and I don’t understand any of them. It’s supposed to stimulate my glands and immune system and help my connective tissues. It’s also supposed to improve quality of sleep.

Summary: lots of detoxing and support for my liver and immune system. Well, cheers to that!

I’ve been taking the medicine for six days now and don’t really feel different. I think that if this does have an effect, it will only be after the medicine has had time to work. I felt well enough to do a BodyCombat class on the first day, but I don’t think that was caused by one day of medicine. I haven’t felt particularly better any of the following days, I even feel a bit more tired. Hopefully that’s just my body dealing with the detoxing.


2 thoughts on “Homeopathic medicine

  1. Hoi Christina :)! ik heb soortgelijke klachten als jou, jammer genoeg :(. Bij mij duren ze al 6j ondertussen… Ik ben nu ook bezig met een zuiveringskuur voor de lever, publeurum capsules en ribes nigrum; dat laatste heb ik ooit al eens een periode gebruikt en toen ging het wel beter m
    et mijn energielevel! :). Good luck :-


  2. Hey. Bedankt voor je bericht! Jammer om te horen dat je hier ook last van hebt. Ik kan me niet inbeelden hoe het moet zijn om er 6 jaar mee te sukkelen. Hopelijk werkt jouw zuiveringskuur. Doe je verder nog iets anders? Wel leuk om te horen dat ribes nigrum voor jou heeft gewerkt, hopelijk voor mij ook 🙂


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