Citrus lands a sucker punch

You know how I didn’t think citrus would be a problem? I was so naive. It is a big problem. Citrus is in freaking everything. Sauces, drinks, … I can’t have most ice teas or fruit juices, because they almost all have freaking citrus in them. Even the tropical frozen fruit mix I normally get has citrus in it. I had no clue that tangerines were a tropical fruit … (they originally come from China)

Citric acid was another potential sucker. I wasn’t sure if I couldn’t have that as well. Is it citrus? Is it something else? No citric acid would be a huge pain in the ass when going out, as practically all bottled drinks have it. I looked it up (Google has become one of my closest friends) but I couldn’t find a clear answer anywhere. Some sites say it’s chemically made from a sugar, others say it’s found in citrus fruits.

Wikipedia says:

Citric acid is a natural preservative which occurs naturally in citrus fruits and is also used to add an acidic or sour taste to foods and drinks. Citric acid is a commodity chemical, and more than a million tons are produced every year by fermentation. It is used mainly as an acidifier, as a flavoring, and as a chelating agent.

Another site says:

Citric acid was originally produced by adding calcium oxide to citrus fruit juice. Carl Wehmer first developed the process of fermenting sugar to produce citric acid in 1893, but it was not until 1917 that U.S. government scientist James Currie would publish an article on harnessing that power for large amounts of citric acid production.

I asked my doctor about it, but he hasn’t got back to me yet. Maybe because he isn’t sure himself. I’m going to assume that the citric acid found in drinks is the chemical kind and has nothing to do with citrus fruits. So that means I can at least drink tonic, yeay!


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